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The NXL has formed the International Classic Paintball League (ICPL) Amateur & Professional 10-Man, non-airball Division. Participants in each sanctioned 10-Man event will have their team ranked on the ICPL site in a global ranking system.  Teams will be able to use their scores from up to 4 events plus the ICPL Championships to count as points towards the ICPL 10-Man World Series Title. 

10-Man Basics

•  Entry cost is $1,050 per Amateur team & $1,350 per Pro team

•  Play any ICPL 10-Man event affiliated event and earn points

•  Teams earning 100 points overall will qualify for Championship in October

•  Play as many events as you want to earn Qualifier points

•  Series Rankings :  3 event scores taken (BOTH Major event scores + TOP Open score) will be used for season ranking.

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