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Thanks for your interest in the new ICPL.

We are super excited about this next chapter for paintball!


Our goals are :

  • Grow paintball as a whole

  • Grow the mechanical movement with an emphasis woodsball and mounds

  • Fun and competitive game play for the players will take priority over spectator appeal

  • Make the 20 Franchise Pro teams respected and admired.  We need paintball fans. To create fans, paintball need heroes and celebrities. Here is a link to what our pro page will look like CLICK HERE. This is just a sample not reflecting real teams or players in the ICPL


We will need each team to supply a logo and a short bio about team including any sponsors you may have.


The first 20 teams to step up and declare pro will not only be members of the Pro Division for 2019 but will help guide and steer the league into the future. At the midpoint of the season, the 20 pro teams will meet and discuss what you like and do not like. At the end of the season the 20 teams will help decide on the future for the league. This to include rules, format, prize package, locations and number of events. Each team will receive two votes. The two votes are so the captain/owner and one player from each team can have a say.  The Commissioner or the President will have one vote to avoid tie votes.   



10-Man Entry : $1,250

  Prize packages   

1st : $7,000 

2nd : $1,250 

3rd: $ 750 

Pro rosters are set to 15 players per event and your top 10 players cannot exceed 62,000 points

All players over the age 40 are automatically worth 0

To make some sense of the numbers. On the last year Pro NXL Impact roster had an average of 9,600 points per player. So, if impact fielded a 10-Man team in the ICPL they would have a total 96,000 points. Aftershock for example, has an average of 5,000 points per player, so they would only have a total of 50,000 points. Impact roster not allowed. Aftershock roster allowed


Any questions? Feel free to email me at - I will be gone from Christmas until January 11th in Africa so may be a lag in info over that time span.


In total, there will be 3 events. We are currently talking with existing events holders about securing events already posted this year. Should have more answers right after Christmas.


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