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Infamous wins the ICPL Old Bay Classic Pro 10-Man Division!

June 7, 2021

Los Angeles Infamous Old Bay Classic Roster :

Ryan Brand

TJ Danner

Harrison Frye

Ryan Hall

Chris Lasoya

Travis Lemanski

Brett Messer

Cody Mickowski

Archie Montemayor

Kevin "Kali" Rudulph

Drew Templeton

Coming off their second ICPL Pro 10-Man title in two seasons (previously winning the 2020 Sunshine Classic) and taking a 5th place finish during the 2020 Windy City Classic - the boys from Los Angeles Infamous with the help of their X-Factor additions, ran through the ICPL Old Bay Classic Pro 10-Man Division, unbeaten over the two days of gameplay. Competing on the Hyperball, Trenches and Deep Woods fields - the "skeleton squad" 💀 looked untouchable as they defeated opponent after opponent, both Pro & Amateur alike, regardless of the playing field. This success continuing after a recent standout 2nd place Pro finish during the National Xball League Sunshine State Major on May 2nd. It’s looking like things are falling in place for Infamous this season and have put together the pieces needed to become a top tier contender for a season title in both formats.

Brett Messer #22 had this to say about the weekend - "We’re thrilled to be back on top of the ICPL pro division. Our preparation as a team is very limited for 10-man. We communicated and organize well, but as far as paintball goes, we work that on our time, and come together just for the tournament. The team feels like we’re exactly where we are supposed to be. Our 2020 rebuild is coming together now that we have had a few events to feel each other out. We are all really hungry for a win, we’re putting in the work necessary to get one and the team is vibing the we we need too as well. ICPL 10-man tournaments are just as difficult to win as traditional NXL tournaments. You have to be great in prelims, and perfect in Semi Finals and Finals against really good teams. The pro division has a wider range of talent than NXL, but highly competitive at the top. The fields and rate-of-fire help up to lessen the gap in skill level. A team has to be able to win on all types of fields. Would infamous be great at a hyperball finals? Of course, but that’s not how the ICPL rolls. They didn’t actually announce which fields the finals would be played on until Sunday, and with the ICPL you can be sure it will be a woods or hybrid field. Communication is possibly the single most important team skill a 10-man team can possess. And it starts walking fields and in the staging area and moves with you onto each field. In addition to the basics like kills, deaths and time remaining, you are building code words to abbreviate the describing of scenarios as they play out on the field, and predicting how the game might break down on a certain field. This is something we are working on all weekend. Tweaking and adjusting. Making custom codes. Working with each other to perfect our game from start to finish".

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