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"Meet The Team" : SABERWOLVES (ICPL Pro 10-Man)

  • Give a little history of the team (when/where did it start, team name meaning/origination, etc.) The original Saber Wolves team competed mainly in 5-man events during the 1990’s. The team was immensely successful in 5-man but never found solid footing in the 10-man format and disbanded in the early 2000’s. Many of those players kept in touch throughout the years, and when Jerry Braun announced the Woodsball World Cup in 2016, a new Saberwolves team formed and played the event. There was instant chemistry and the players had a blast, then committed to remaining as a ten man squad in anticipation of the inevitable rebirth of 10-man “classic” events. Thus, the Saberwolves team is likely the first true ten man team to form in this new age of Classic Paintball. Fun fact is that the name was chosen from a character on a video game being played the night before an event. There are seven states currently represented by the sixteen active ‘wolveson the roster, but the team is primarily based out of Georgia and Tennessee.

  • What are you guys known for and what "image" do you try and portray as a team?

We are known for emphasizing “family” above all else, and the team believes in this completely. The ‘wolves may spend more time with each other away from the field than on the field; we believe in and promote a culture of positivity, accountability, and fun. I believe most of our opponents would say we are a dangerous team that is capable of winning any event we enter, but has yet to reach our true potential. As for an image, we want to be respected as positive ambassadors for this great sport and recognized as a talented team that can and does win straight up.

  • List of current team members

Ours is the rarest jersey, and hardest to earn, in Paintball. It’s not about how good our players are. We don’t hold tryouts and we’re not necessarily looking for big names or big guns. We are very careful and selective about who we invite onto the team, and once you receive a jersey it is yours until you decide you no longer want it. We are very proud of our family and what the team represents in this respect, and we are protective of it just the same. Current ‘wolves' : Caleb Adcock Jacob Adcock Bill Aschbacher Jason Baird Aaron Boling Jacob Byrd Christian Collins Eric Evans Jason Fajardo Woody Maddox Sean Martin Brandon Mayo Ana Owen Justin Owen Jared Powell Aaron Rios Elliott Rodriguez Jonathan Swanson

  • Where are you based out of / home field?

Insane Paintball and Airsoft in Chattanooga, TN, home to the best freaking Hyperball field in the USA.

  • Sponsors or special mentions of people that help the team?

For 2021, the ‘wolves are taking a step back from “sponsorships” and are going to play it old school. The team has decided, however, to use and promote Inception Designs’ products and we are always thankful for Mr. Awesome himself, Simon Stevens. Thanks also to Planet Eclipse for their fantastic mechanical marker platform.Also, thanks to Todd Martinez and the entire crew at Wepnz and Raza designs for their past, present, and future help, making us look great. We also continue to enjoy support from the best field in the South, Insane Paintball. In the past, we have been fortunate to have been supported by DYE, Shocker CVO (and Adrenaline), GI Sportz paint, and the Poynter Bros Pro Shop. Taking a step back from those sponsorships should never be interpreted as a slight against those companies. The team is simply “going individual” this year, and returning to our roots.

  • Where do you see the future of classic paintball heading / what would you like to see moving forward as it continues to grow?

Classic Paintball will continue to grow if properly nurtured, because it is THE sorely needed bridge between recreational Paintball and competition events. Events need to be run professionally and the players need to behave as such. We all need to work together. We would like to see the format continue to gain traction with more and better organized events, with a special emphasis on unbiased, fair, but firm judging. We feel the game should be played and won by the simple essence of the competiton: When you’re marked, you’re out. We absolutely applaud and support the ICPL’s efforts towards driving this competition ideology.

  • What sets your team apart from other teams?

How much time do you have? LOL. The team is extremely athletic. Most teams don’t realize it but we are very, very fast. We are also known for being particularly formidable in the woods (though we don’t think we’re any different there than anywhere else; we’ve won events on tiny speedball fields against top-level XBall playing competition).

  • List of team accomplishments?

Our team has won more than half of the Classic Paintball events we’ve entered since our reformation. However, we are still chasing our first ICC and ICPL victories. Until we get those, you won’t find us resting on any laurels.

  • Any other information you'd like to share?

We are thankful for the opportunity that Classic Paintball’s resurgence affords us, to return to the field of competition in a format we grew up playing and truly love. We are thankful for all of our brothers and sisters in Paintball who are joining us on this journey, and encourage anyone who hasn’t yet tried it out to form a team, get out there, play some ‘ball, and have FUN!

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